Denture Artistry


Cerec Veneers

How would you like to get a complete set of porcelain veneers in one appointment? It can be done on the same day with our CEREC technology.

The difference between our veneers and conventional porcelain veneers is that they are made in a CEREC machine right in our office with our lab-quality milling machine. Your teeth will be prepared, a digital scan is taken and then our computerized milling machine—the same one that makes our same day crowns and bridges—makes your veneers right in our office. Your veneers will be precisely milled and custom designed with loving care to fit your teeth exactly.

Conventional veneers are made using an impression of your teeth that is sent to a third party dental laboratory. It can take from one to three weeks for the finished veneers to return back to the dental office.

Our CEREC technology has a couple of distinct advantages. We create your porcelain veneers quickly—during your visit. This eliminates the requirement for a second appointment or for you to come back and get your new veneers placed. This not only saves you time of the second appointment, it also saves discomfort from having to wear temporary veneers that will later have to be removed.


Crown vs. Veneers

Which is right for you?

There is a fundamental difference between crowns and veneers. The crowns procedure is typically chosen and utilized when a patient’s tooth suffers from decay or is fractured. When a tooth is decayed, we have less tooth structure in which to fix the natural tooth.

Therefore, crowns are placed to fix the structural integrity of a decayed tooth. The veneer procedure with our Cerec technology is less invasive and it requires small adaptations to the tooth structure. They are chosen when you want to revitalize your smile by improving the aesthetics of your teeth rather than fixing decay. Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry option, especially for those who want to fix chipped, cracked, slightly misaligned and broken teeth. The porcelain material is natural-looking and long-lasting. Therefore, veneers are typically the recommended service when you are merely concerned about the appearance of your smile, versus treating decay and repairing a tooth with a dental crown.

If you need a crown or want a porcelain veneer for a front tooth – we are artists and will make your smile look beautiful and natural.