Are you ashamed to smile?

Our patients were too.
Now, they’re living their best lives.

Photos of actual patients of Dr. Smith and Dr. Spoonster.


“I HATE dentist. Until now.
For a long time I was not looking forward to a root canal I knew I needed. After my visit with Denture Artistry, I am very pleased. Even though given the choice of playing golf or a root canal, I’d choose the golf any day. But the experience was pleasant and painless.”

Randy Lynch-wilmot

Dr. Spoonster was so amazing. It was my first time getting crowns. He was very patient and answered all my questions and promptly returned my calls. He was also able to address any concerns I had with such empathy. I am grateful to have found them and had my procedure done at such a fine establishment with the best equipment available at an affordable price. Thank you all very much for taking such great care of me, but especially Dr. Spoonster you are bees knees!

Frances Herring

I have been a patient of Denture Artistry for a few years now and I must say the level of care that I receive from Dr. Smith is beyond exceptional! I always had a high level of anxiety to even go to a dentist but now I actually look forward to my visits with him! Dr.Smith as well as the front office staff, are very professional, personable, caring, and really treat you like you are a member of their family. They explain everything that is being done and answer any and all questions or concerns you may have. They explain my options and let me decide what I feel is best for me. I never feel pressured or leave there feeling unsure about what I need to do next, if anything. Being in the medical field myself, I greatly appreciate the excellent service I receive from this dental clinic. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for exceptional dental care! Love you guys and truly appreciate you all!

Lavinne Michalik

The professionals at Denture Artistry are all beautiful people. At the very first appointment you are not subjected to the typical “how about that weather?” kind of meaningless conversation; Instead, they genuinely care about your life, and aren’t afraid to include personal parts of theirs. Dr. Smith, though extremely busy popped in to my exam room simply to marvel at his work and ask how I was feeling about it. This to me shows a great love for his job, and is a common sentiment amongst all of the team at the office.


Oh and the prices are also pretty dang fair…..double win!

Daniel Alm

I had just moved to bend and at 66 years old needed some dental work which I was dreading. On my first visit I received the best dental care I have ever e received. Their office is high tech using state of the art cone beam x-ray machine, sterilization systems etc. More importantly they took the time to understand my needs and develop a care plan for me. In addition there prices are significantly better than the other dentists in Bend and I would recommend them unconditionally.

Scott Burkhart

This is hands down the best dentist I’ve ever been to! They do a very proper thorough job. I didn’t think I would ever have a front tooth that looked real again but now I have a perfect smile! The doctor is down to earth and very personable although I think he wants to be Michael Jackson haha. Pleasant bonus the dental assistants and office ladies are absolutely gorgeous .

Nathan Tatom

If you need an implant, crown or bridge work performed, look no further! I was so nervous when I went to get my first tooth implant last year — but Dr. Smith helped make it the most positive dental experience I have ever had. Dr.Smith has now performed three implants on me and one bridge. I will be getting one more implant put in by him this winter. He has transformed my life through his incredible dental expertise. I have seen over two dozen dentists over my life to help my gum recession and loss of teeth, and none have been able to offer me restorative dental health until I met Dr.Smith. His office is the most technologically advanced dental office I have even been to. The staff members are all professional, welcoming and friendly. I am so grateful to Dr.Smith for his wisdom and skills. Thank you!

Earl May

I came to Denture Artistry with not a whole lot of financial options, but I was in desperate need of dental work. Dr.Spoonster not only listened to my situation but went out of his way to help me in every way possible. I love my new teeth and I can finally smile in front of anyone with the most confidence I think I have ever had in my life! I love everything about this place, the front desk person all the way to the dental hygienist. Every person at this office is professional and if I ever had questions before the surgery or after, someone got back to me within 24hrs of my call. I can not reccomend this place enough!

Rufus Flores



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