Keep your pearly “whites” white.

We offer cleaning around your natural teeth. This is a preventative cleaning done by our specially trained hygienist and includes oral cancer screening. If additional x- rays are needed based on your oral exam, a nominal fee applies.


Periodontal Disease Therapy

We believe in a healthy mouth.

Occasionally gum disease progresses to bone loss causing “deep pockets” in the gums. In this event you will need a deep cleaning, also known as Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing. Bone loss can be localized (around a couple of teeth) or generalized (around the majority of the teeth). 

Our team will thoroughly evaluate your mouth to determine the extent of periodontal disease therapy you may need. Periodontal Disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and we want to help you keep your mouth and smile as healthy and beautiful as possible!


Protect your implant investment.

Implant-secured Denture Hygiene Package

Maintain healthy Implants and your new smile can last a lifetime. Cleaning implant-supported dentures is just as important as cleaning natural teeth, as both depend on healthy surrounding tissues for support. Dental implants replace the root parts of the teeth. Dentures are attached to the implants giving you a beautiful secured new smile.

Our Implant-secured Denture Hygiene Package is designed to ensure the long term health of your implants. Enrolling in our specialized Implant Hygiene program is required for us to offer our lifetime replacement of a failed dental implant(s). In addition, we have priced this program to help you preserve your beautiful new smile.

The package includes 2 hygiene visits per year, scaling around your implants, oral cancer screening, and a thorough cleaning and polishing of your denture. We also include in your package any replacement attachments or images if they are needed based on your oral exam.

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