Wouldn’t it be nice to eat any food of your choice, smile with confidence and laugh without worry or self-doubt? We want to help you experience what the world has to offer and be poised and vibrant in social settings and at work. We will do this through fair, affordable and honest pricing. Our loving team can help you achieve this quality of life!


How our practice differs from other dental practices.


Our Dentists and Denturists collaborate for Optimal Patient Care in our Office. After your complimentary comprehensive exam, review of your oral health and 3D imaging, your dentist will collaborate with their team of Denturists and lab technicians to determine the most appropriate surgical, restorative, periodontal and/or prosthetic needs to get you back to optimal oral health. Unlike other offices which may refer you to another practice for your denture or removable prosthetic needs, your surgery and restoration will be carefully planned with a team of experts in both surgical and prosthetic fields. Our focus is on restorative driven surgeries. This means we utilize our technology to design your smile makeover and plan our surgeries or implant placements accordingly. We utilize all of our colleague’s individual areas of expertise, it’s like having multiple specialists in one smile makeover center! We believe we can change the world one smile at a time.

Optimal Denture


Our highest quality Life-Like denture.

For patients who have worn traditional dentures, a new experience awaits. The OPTIMAL Denture is our most innovative denture made with patented high-pressure heat injection technology. This unique process creates dentures that fit every contour of your mouth and oral topography and are second-to-none. The dentures are also remarkably strong, lightweight, as well as odor and stain resistant.
Our Acrylic holds it’s color throughout it’s life and does not fade to an orange color like other acrylics. Our Optimal or “Life-like” Denture utilize the best denture teeth available for our optimal dentures which are the most esthetic and wear-resistant teeth available to dentists, denturists and dental labs. Patients who select an Optimal Denture will enjoy a try-in preview, this allows you to see your new smile before it is completed.

Premium Denture


Natural appearance and affordable.

The Premium Denture is very high in natural appearance. It features enhanced natural appeal, wear and stain resistance, with detailed customization. The PREMIUM Denture has upgraded denture teeth compared to our most affordable option, the CLASSIC Denture. You will receive an esthetic and functional wax try-in or “Smile Preview” and Changes may be made at that time. Once you have approved the look of your Premium Denture, our in-office lab will custom finish your denture in the permanent acrylic base material. This additional customization results in a more natural look.
Our office will inform you of their delivery times and what would be best for an optimal outcome for your needs. 

Classic Denture


Our most affordable denture.


The CLASSIC Denture is the most affordable denture at Denture Artistry Implants Crowns Veneers. It is processed by our on site lab and individually fitted for you. The dentist and lab technician will determine the size, shape and look of the teeth, based on your needs. The Classic Denture is available with same-day service for an additional fee. After you have approved the look of your CLASSIC Denture, our on-site lab will custom finish your denture in the permanent acrylic base material. This is like designing your own cosmetic makeover! Average Life Span 4+ years with a 1 year Guarantee*


More people each year are turning to implants as the best solution for restoring their missing teeth, their smiles and their quality of life. Implants are titanium posts (false roots) that are placed into your jaw bone and act like the natural roots of your teeth. Your bone attaches to the titanium post and anchors stronger to it than a natural tooth.
Our team of Doctors have collectively over 30 years of experience placing implants and have completed a number of different implant fellowships and continuing education between them. We have extensive experience, utilize the latest materials and technology, and will deliver the absolute best
quality of care.

Our in-house lab will custom make your implant crown or implant retained denture. We utilize 3-D imaging, surgical guides and the highest quality materials during the process. Your final restoration will look and feel like your natural teeth. New and experienced denture wearers and people with one or more missing teeth—are turning to implants as the most sophisticated choice for restoring their teeth, their smiles and their quality of life. Best of all, we offer lifetime implant replacements!*

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Dental Implants prevent bone
loss and premature aging


Other denture-related procedures we offer.

Partial Dentures

We offer several types of partial dentures – cast metal, flex-base, and acrylic – including temporary partial dentures.

Cast-Metal Partial Denture

The cast-metal partial denture is stronger, less bulky and offers a great fit. This partial has a metal framework to which our on site laboratory will attach premium denture teeth. Since an outside laboratory is required to manufacture the framework, it takes about 2-3 weeks to receive the framework. Once the framework is returned, our office will call you to set up an appointment to try the framework in your mouth to ensure it meets our quality standards. If the framework fits well, then the teeth can be processed to the framework in a short amount of time.

Same-Day Denture Repairs

We work very hard at saving you both money and time. We strive to complete most repairs on the same day.

Permanent Soft Liner

Are your dentures not fitting properly? A soft permanent liner may be the solution for you as you may have lost too much lower jawbone. While the best fitting denture can still be uncomfortable, the permanent soft liner has a softer cushion to provide better comfort. This liner is meant to last without getting hard or coming loose.

Temporary Soft Liner

Our office provides this as an added benefit with our first time denture wearer packages. There are times, however, when an ill-fitting denture (made elsewhere) causes severe gum inflammation, to correct this inflammation a temporary soft liner is used. This reline is only meant to last 3-4 weeks and it can take multiple relines before the gum tissue is healthy.

Lab Reline

We want to ensure your dentures have an excellent fit. Our in-house lab will reline your full or partial dentures that don’t need to be replaced, but are just loose fitting. We strive to achieve this in a single day, however same day reline requires your first visit to our office be early in the morning in order to deliver your new well-fitting denture in the afternoon.

Partial Denture Repair And Add-Ons

We are here to help with same day repairs of your existing partial denture. These include: adding a tooth after an extraction, placing a new clasp, fixing breaks and broken teeth.

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