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Using advanced procedures in medical and dental technology have led to expanded areas of clinical practice never before thought possible.

With such advancements adding to one of the most researched and successful treatment modalities in dentistry to date, dental implants are today considered the standard of care for many oral conditions, and the best alternative to natural teeth or dentures for many who have lost or are about to lose their teeth.

Using advanced procedures such as

 All on X (All on 4 ) we have been able to reverse the visual and functional effects of tooth loss. Effects that can be more far reaching than functional difficulties or poor appearance alone; which may often also affect a person’s entire personality, their confidence and self-esteem.

Why is an In-House dental lab so important for All on X

Why is an In-House dental lab so important for All on X

Dental clinics use two different methods for dental lab work: Outsourcing this service or having an in­house lab. Since it requires a significant investment to establish an in-­house lab, many dental clinics outsource the lab work to third parties. Even though outsourcing seems the cost­effective method, this method is far away from meeting today’s requirements. Today people want to have high­quality treatment in the shortest time possible. When dentists outsource a part of the work, they can’t have direct control over the quality of that part. Also, outsourced work extends the treatment duration significantly. Moreover, when you request a revision for this lab work, your treatment time gets much longer. On the other hand, having an in­-house dental lab provides numerous advantages both to the dental clinic and the patients. The in-­house dental lab allows the dentist to create customized work for each patient. In this system, technicians do not work based on the impressions sent by the dentist. Instead, they interact directly with the dentist and the patient. They can discuss the shape, size, and color of the restoration face to face. So, they understand the dentist’s instructions and the patient’s wants and needs precisely. Thus, all factors are considered together, and much healthier choices can be made. This system also allows the technicians to examine the patient’s facial/oral features, skin color, and other teeth. This examination plays a significant role in creating restorations that will best fit. And in the end, the patient receives a totally customized treatment and smile design.


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