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By working efficiently we are able to see our patient within two business days and are able to provide complementary comprehensive oral evaluations for our new patients. There are many patients waiting for treatment. Please extend the courtesy to allow them to be seen if you cannot make your scheduled appointment.

  1. Two business days notice must be given to this office if an appointment must be changed or cannot be kept. If we do not receive two business days , it will be considered a missed appointment. We understand that emergencies and sickness do occur, and will work with you should one of these instances arise.
  2. If you cannot call during regular business hours, you may leave a message on our answering machine.
  3. If we do not receive two business days notice’, there will be a $50 fee applied to your account.
  4. If you missed your new patient complimentary consultation, the next consultation you schedule will no longer be complementary.