We utilize state-of-the-art technology, our experience and loving care to perfect your smile. We provide improved access to affordable implants, crowns, veneers and dentures while our team pursues excellence with respect, transparency, integrity and efficiency.


We promise to listen to your hopes and fears, anxieties and concerns


To provide care without pressure, and advice without obligation. Our goal is to provide you with a thorough exam and spend quality time with you reviewing your dental needs and discuss a treatment plan to improve your overall dental health and smile. All first appointments are complimentary and we promise to provide:


- 30+ years professional experience with judgment-free car

- Honest, transparent pricing that is more affordable

- No surprises—clear communication and treatment plan

- Flexible financing—with options for 3rd party financing

Our Core Values

Compassion – The genuine desire to help people in a kind and caring manner. Caring about patients and fellow staff, their well-being, emotions and spirit. To operate with the best interests of everyone in mind.

Transparency – Transparency is acting and communicating openly and honestly with all staff and patients. We are honest with everyone. We have honest pricing that is displayed on our website for all to see. Every patient receives a printed out treatment plan showing all phases of treatment and all fees that will be associated with each.

Strive for Excellence – The desire and intent to be the best. The willingness to be open minded. To have high standards of care including the patient experience and quality of work. To do the best job that you are able to do and never settling for “it’s good enough.” To be a lifelong student with continuing education and to invest in state of the art technology and patient care.


Integrity – To have high ethical and moral values. Willingness to do the right thing and to be trustworthy. What we do and say is consistent regardless of if anyone is watching.

Professional – Humbly confident, organized, well-groomed, courteous, polite and clean. We are punctual and show up on time for work and our appointments/patients.

Flexible – Ability to positively adapt to changes. Stepping up during stressful or emotional situations to help patients. Openness to customize our schedule to our patients needs. Creating treatment plans and financial arrangements for life changing dentistry to fit our patients wants and needs.

Funergetic - To have fun and to be energetic. To be able to work hard and play hard. We enjoy showing up to work and bring a joyful energy to share with our coworkers and our patients.

Special Needs

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We are sensitive to patients with special needs. If you have a health condition or physical impairment that requires special attention, please let us know. We will make our best effort to accommodate you.


Please understand that if you have certain health conditions, or are taking certain medications, we may need to receive a report from your doctor prior to providing treatment. It is very important that the dentist be made aware of your specific health situation.

Patient Satisfaction

We know that a new implant, crown, bridge, veneer or denture not only improves smiles, but more importantly—they improve lives. They will help renew confidence in your appearance and help you eat better—having a direct impact on your overall health.


Our Patient Satisfaction Commitment simply means we want you to be completely satisfied with the services you receive at our practice. This applies not only to the dentistry we provide, but also to the kind of patient care you deserve to receive. Our goal is to do the best we can to meet your realistic expectations as we help you with your experience in wearing dentures or new veneers, crowns or implants. Multiple appointments may be necessary to help you adjust to any new changes to your smile.


Please understand, in order to meet this goal, we need you to work with us. It takes time getting used to new dentures. They are not a natural part of your body, so adjusting at first may be uncomfortable and difficult. Please be patient and allow us the opportunity and time to solve any problems you may have.

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If we make your dentures, we will adjust them as needed at no charge to you.

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Please discuss any concerns you have with the dentist and office staff. We appreciate your feedback



Contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.​​ Our caring and dedicated staff can't wait to hear from you!