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Crowns & Bridges

Affordable crowns & bridges made
on the same day in our in-house lab.

A dental crown in a single visit!

Would you believe that you can now have your crown or bridge made in the same day? We can typically achieve this in a 2-hour appointment from start to finish.

Unlike traditional restorations, which require you to wear a temporary crown or bridge, wait for the restoration to be created in a third party lab, and return for a second appointment, we create your crowns in the same day, on the same appointment!

Our Cerec crowns and bridges are precise, color matched to your natural teeth, metal free and highly durable.

By utilizing the absolute latest dental technology and milling machine, we can create a beautiful restoration without taking traditional impressions. We utilize a state of the art 3D camera to scan your affected tooth and surrounding teeth. This takes the place of a traditional physical impression. No more biting into a tray of horrible tasting, goopy impression material and holding it for the required 3-5 minutes while it hardens in your mouth!


Our In-House Lab

Milling your crown or bridge while at your appointment.

Once the digital impression is taken, using Cerec software, we design every detail of your restoration with precision and accuracy, ensuring the best possible fit.

Then, while you wait, the magic really happens! Your all porcelain or zirconia restoration will be created in our onsite, lab-quality 4-axis motor milling machine. We even have it glass encased so you can watch your crown, bridge or veneer being milled while you wait, typically in just 15 minutes. Then we will fit, polish and bond your restoration. No waiting for it to be sent out to a 3rd party lab or having to wear a temporary crown. You will walk out of our office, from start to finish with your final restoration on the same day!

We save you time, money and more than anything; we achieve precise, beautiful results. CEREC stands for Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. We utilize CEREC technology to create crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays in one office visit. By utilizing the CEREC technology, you do not have to get fillings or temporary crowns or bridges since your new crown is crafted in one office visit. This incredible fact is one of the ways we can make our pricing more affordable. We promise to save you both money and time. With the CEREC design technology, we are able to pay attention to the critical details, such as the shape, length, color, and bite. All of these characteristics are important for creating a flawless, healthy smile.


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