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Greg Buchanan - Thursday, September 07, 2017

We are sure many of you know the old adage, “You get what you pay for!” While this has been true for many industries over the years, Healthcare has been going through a reversal. In 1960, annual health care costs were just $146 per person; in 2015 the average American spent $9,990—that’s a 68,000% increase!

The main reason for rising healthcare costs has to do with third party payers. In the mid 60’s the Federal Government created Medicare and Medicaid. These government programs were created as a safety net for the older and poorer Americans that could not afford private health insurance. At the same time, private health insurance was being offered by employers to lure and retain good employees. Because of Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance, the spending curve for healthcare has been on an unsustainable arc. In all reality, healthcare was far less expensive before Health Insurance, Medicaid and Medicare were implemented.

So what does this have to do with Denture Artistry-Implants-Crowns-Veneers? We are going to make our fees more affordable and keep the highest level of care possible. How is this done?

Our unique model : An in-house lab. This not only eliminates a middle man but also allows us to control the quality entirely. By creating all prosthetics; (crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures) in our very own in-house lab, we eliminate the third party fees an outside lab would charge. This also saves you time, as we create most of our crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures in the same day. Time is money—and we promise to save you both.

Providing third party financing. We provide payment options such as, CareCredit, Lending Club and others. Once payment has been made we will begin treatment. Our model differs from waiting 30, 60, or 90 days for an insurance company to pay, which makes treatment costs rise by almost 35%. We also accept all major credit cards, personal checks and cash as payment. 

For those that have private dental insurance, we will process your insurance claim for you and will provide assistance in understanding your benefits. Payment from your insurance company will be sent directly to you. This policy, while might not be the norm in most dental offices today, allows us to save internal costs that can be passed on to you, our patients, in lower, more affordable fees. We strive to be at or below 40% of the average fees of all Dental Offices in Central Oregon.

By specializing in these specific areas of dentistry, we will be creating beautiful smiles by concentrating on what we do best—dentures, implants, crowns and veneers. Our staff are the experts in these disciplines. By creating more efficiency in our workflow allows us to charge lower fees.

Investing in technology. We have and will always have the latest in dental technology; in fact, it is one of our core values. The recent advances in technology make dentistry, faster, easier, better and more efficient. Efficiency allows us to keep our fees lower. Quality means precision and accuracy the first time.

Staff expertise, experience and clinical skills. We all have a long history in the dental industry. Experience creates quality and efficiency which allows us to keep our fees low.

We know in our hearts, that we are providing the best patient experience with high quality care and transparent and honest fees. We know you will be pleasantly surprised by our beautiful state-of-the-art office, unique model and the high level of dental care. Our motto is Affordable Smiles for Everyone!

We are now scheduling patients for our projected opening in November, 2017. Please give us a call at 503-867-3332—we look forward to serving you!


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